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A timeless, naturally elegant style. Tents, set up in the garden of a family home. Stately and exclusive reception venues. A dress; full of character and charm. Exceptional décor, incredible service, a contemporary approach, and a refined, relaxed atmosphere. 

Melissa. T, Fr

"I appreciated your availability and your support during my wedding". 8/10/2022
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Explore the gallery for images of previous weddings, parties, and editorials. And when you’re ready to talk about your own distinctive celebration, just get in touch...

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Ndress robe mariee.JPG
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       Plan your event in 5 steps.

We are passionate about trying new things and adding our unique touches to your events. Speak to us and we can bring your vision to life!

•    Step 1: Send us an enquiry.
•    Step 2: We’ll get in touch with you to hear your idea.
•    Step 3: We’ll write up your requirements and provide a quote.
•    Step 4: We’ll start planning your event.
   Step 5: Sit back and relax. We will do the work for you.
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