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Let's talk about Decoration.

Why decorate your reception venue?

Let's take a wedding as an example.

Your wedding is a celebration of your love. And I sincerely believe that if the decorations reflect this, your wedding will leave a wonderful memory for everyone you love.

Beautiful decorations leave a lasting impression, create a visual atmosphere and leave a lasting memory.

Often we ask ourselves, what more can decoration do?

Is it a real asset to make the day unforgettable and impress your loved ones?

The decoration is a valuable element because it will create the whole atmosphere. Depending on what event's theme you choose, your guests will be transported into a classic, bohemian, glamourous, modern, vintage, romantic, oriental, fairy tale, elegant universe...

To take advantage of original and innovative ideas, you can entrust the entire decoration to a Wedding Designer. This qualified professional will offer you a personalised and tailor-made service thanks to her experience.

Alternatively, if the budget does not allow you to hire a wedding designer, you can do it yourself, get advice, or get help from your family or friends.

Get started:

  • Set the theme you want your wedding to have.

  • Set the budget and adjust it if necessary. And why not rent the decorations to avoid compulsive purchases of unnecessary things.

  • Propose a suitable design.

  • Be creative, find original ideas, a decoration that corresponds to you

  • For a wedding, a decoration that tells your story.

  • Be ingenious to find innovative solutions, and make your event a unique, warm, joyful moment that reflects you...

Plan each step from creation to execution on the big day.


When you plan an event such as a wedding, a birthday or a party; ideas and inspiration research for your decoration is a long and tedious process. You have so many beautiful choices that you don't know what to do! Or maybe you have no idea.

(source: Etsy)

The choice of Colours and Theme for the decoration of your reception hall sets the tone.

Colour: let's talk about trends

Since 2000, the Pantone company has been defining a specific colour each year that becomes the colour of the year, which has become a reference for fashion and decoration trends. It is set in December before the year it will represent and thus sets the tone for the year ahead.

The Pantone colour of the year 2023 is PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta. It is a shade from the red family that expresses a strong character. Its uniqueness lies in its dynamic and fun nature when applied to different contexts. It is a bold, stimulating and inclusive colour that can be easily appropriated. It is inspired by nature and reality.

PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta is easily adapted to many areas. For example, in the field of interior design, it adds a touch of originality. In fashion, it adds style to an outfit. In cosmetics, it brings a good mood, but also in art and graphics, it brings a touch of boldness, power and optimism.

Of course, trends are not there to dictate behaviour or impose choices. They are there to inspire and present the new.

How to use this colour?

This choice of colours is an inspiration for future wedding decorations!

This colour brings joy and fun. It has character and reveals power; Finally, it is a colour full of strength, in time.

It goes perfectly with neutral colours while remaining very hot.

Here are some inspirations for the Pantone 2023 colour for those who like to be inspired by the trends in their decorations.

A Viva Magenta wedding decoration

The Viva Magenta offers a choice of possibilities. you can pair it with multiple colour palettes,

Pink, Green and Viva Magenta []

Why choose a wedding theme?

To define the atmosphere, the style and the decoration of your big day. Create your universe through your common passions at the heart of your festivities and share them with your guests, enhance a region and its traditions, create a whole universe, travel through time or enjoy yourself with a style that suits you.

Browse the list of popular wedding themes and see if you have any ideas. Get started with the colours, flowers and objects that are emblematic of the style you have chosen. From my research, the rustic theme is number one in the UK, which may be unlike other countries.

1. Rustic Theme

Generally more relaxed, natural and full of local and artisanal touches, with wooden tables and chairs, lace, jute fabric, lanterns, and sober colours such as white and nude... in a simple and elegant setting thanks to its natural environment (barn or farm).

2. White Minimalist Photo Moodboard Wedding by Michele. A

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