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Planning a Milestone Birthday Party

Milestone birthdays are the ones that mark a significant birthday year, such as the 30th anniversary, 40th anniversary, 50th anniversary or any other major milestone.

Milestone deserves a bit more attention than just a card and a cake. It's also time to reflect on what you've achieved, overcome and enjoyed since the last milestone, and not the time to complain: "I'm getting old".

Organising a milestone birthday party often results in large, elaborate parties.

Organising an event, whether large or small, is not easy; there are many details to consider throughout the process.

When organising a birthday party of any kind, you need to consider a range of important questions such as budget, venue, theme, date, number of guests, age range, invitation styles, decorations and entertainment, which are an essential part of the birthday celebration.

  1. First things, when organising a birthday party, start with a questionnaire, i.e. the consultation process, to determine the style of the event you want to celebrate.

  2. You need to budget, plan costs and get quotes for the venue. If one of the guests has a mobility problem, this is a valuable clue to the choice of venue. Most places now comply with the Disability and Equality Act 2010. These venues do not comply with the Act 2010, are typically smaller than large hotels or party rooms and are therefore suitable for small parties.

  3. When choosing a party venue: make sure that all safety and regulatory requirements are met, especially for children under 16 (take into consideration the age range of the children and the theme chosen).

  4. The theme is the main thread running through the organisation of the birthday party. Choosing a theme can range from simple to sophisticated. Having a theme is not a necessity, but it does help guide the choice of decorations, invitations, games and entertainment, and even the cake.

  5. The decoration is important in a ceremony, especially at children's birthday parties. Currently, suppliers offer decorations with different themes. Selecting a theme should help you choose the decoration.

  6. The cake is the central element. The birthday cake is part of every birthday party. The price can vary according to your needs. Cakes made by bakers are the first choice and can be very expensive, but if the budget is limited, a handmade cake by a cake decorator or a ready-made party cake bought in a shop can be the second option and cost-effective.

[Autel Royale Croissy Beaubourg-Fr]

Celebrating a milestone birthday is a unique event that should be shared with loved ones. Adults enjoy celebrations as much as children, and it is very nice when people honour the birthday by sharing the day with the celebrant celebrating a milestone, like our 10th birthday, Sweet sixteen, 18th, 21st, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years old, it should be done in style.

A typical birthday party for an adult consists of family and friends and usually includes dinner, music and more.

You can hire an event planner to organize your party to mark the occasion and have a birthday party to remember.

Here are some examples of how to get inspiration for all big birthdays.

[Source: Pinterest - and]

[source: Pinterest]

16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS "Youth has a beautiful face Age has a beautiful soul". Swedish proverb

  • Set up themed bars so everyone can find something to eat and make it up themselves: candy bar, taco bar, nacho bar, burger bar, cocktail bar, mini cake bar, etc.

  • Organise a superb garden party in the garden of a splendid house with a private outdoor pool or a glamorous ball for your 16th birthday.

  • Have a professional bartender come to your home to enjoy great non-alcoholic cocktails.


“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” Larry Lorenzoni.

  • Hire a private chef or hold a cooking class in a holiday home with a fabulous kitchen - indoor or outdoor.

  • Organise a casino night or plan a party at the casino.

  • Get the whole family together and have a summer barbecue in a big house with a large garden.

60TH BIRTHDAY IDEAS “You don’t get older, you get better.” Shirley Bassey

  • Celebrate your 60th birthday in a boat with your closest friends and family.

  • Have a Hollywood movie night in a secluded mansion that will suit all members of the family.

  • Have a wine, gin or beer tasting at one of the UK's fabulous craft establishments.

I'm going to digress for a moment. I know I'm talking about milestone birthdays, but I wanted to make a little comment on the organisation of children's birthdays.

When celebrating a child's birthday, the birthday party is usually organised at home, inside the house or in the garden. But lack of space, time or the desire to do something else may lead you to choose a public place.

There are now many possibilities for parents, such as indoor children's play centres, parks, restaurants or cinemas.

In this example, indoor children's play centres are the right choice for organising the party, as these centres offer many different activities and games for the children to play. For example, the craft would be a good activity for five-year-olds as they will have something to take home, while the sports activity would be ideal for older children as it will allow them to take home a medal. You can also plan other party games.

children's birthday party ideas, there's plenty to choose from:

  • Disney princesses are the most popular themes for little girls: characters range from the classics Cinderella and Snow White to the more recent Elsa and Ana from Frozen. Live like a Disney Princess in a modern castle with magical gardens and sea views.

  • Myths and legends

  • Minnie & Mickey were my daughter's favourite characters and, this is naturally the theme I chose to organise her 5th birthday party.

  • Tractors and cars

  • Farm animals

  • Wild animals

  • Sports

  • Under the sea

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Summer garden party

  • A police investigation is a classic animation game to organise during a birthday party with children playing the role of little detectives.

You can also organise a fairy-tale picnic in a park or by a river, on a playground or in an old manor

Ideas for an adult birthday party: the theme is Hollywood.

The decoration of a Hollywood-themed party can consist of a red carpet at the entrance. Guests will be given gold and silver metallic sunglasses. The tables will be decorated with a plastic marker depicting a Hollywood movie scene and a Hollywood star trophy as a centrepiece, all with bling or glitter. Add plain black and gold tableware, personalised with glittering stars.

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