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Sublimate your wedding

Updated: Aug 18

A specific atmosphere in mind?

Classic & Traditional Vintage & Natural Chic & Elegant

Decorate your wedding table to match the theme of your ceremony!

A beautiful wedding table makes an impact. In the heart of your reception hall, the decoration of your table should be carefully matched to the theme of your wedding so that it is well-organised and stylish.

Classic and minimalist table decorations

Many couples prefer a simple wedding. The focus is already on them. They do not want to impose a strong theme. The decoration is classic and minimalist. White is the primary colour on the tables, with plain tablecloths and simple table decorations. Paper accessories with pink and pastel floral patterns can be added and personalised.

Classic wedding invitations from "Cotton bird" illustrated and printed in France

Natural and vintage table decorations

Themes inspired by nature are in fashion. The country wedding highlights the colours of the countryside. The reception hall is decorated with a large paper garland. As for the table, it displays vintage accessories with a profusion of flowers, wooden materials, and tulles...

A table decoration that looks like you

The table decoration should match your identity as a couple. The colours on the paper you choose, the font on your table menu, and all the decorative accessories on your wedding tables should be harmonious and follow your preferences.


Customise the messages on your decoration

Cotton bird is a premium online wedding stationery store offering beautiful and original stationery for weddings and other happy occasions. Designed and printed in France.

The advantage of Cotton bird paper decorations is their originality. You will be able to create personalised wedding accessories. Both the table menu and the bottle label can be modified. Add your messages to all your paper decorations.

Include your name, the date of the wedding and one or two phrases that prove your love or invite your loved ones to join your party. Whether they are in a tone of tenderness or humour, messages are a nice touch for your guests.

Match your wedding stationery

Before choosing your table decoration, you probably have chosen a wedding invitation or a save-the-date to invite your loved ones. If you have selected a Cotton Bird wedding invitation, it will be very simple for you to match the table decoration to your invitation card.

The designers of cotton bird offer a wide range of designs that can be used on all the stationery for the same event. You will therefore find the same illustration or graphic on a table plan as on a wedding invitation. This way, you can match your reception hall decoration with the graphic theme you have chosen from the start.

Sublime your table

Impress your guests with a table decoration that perfectly matches your wedding theme, taking into account:

  • Table plan: Displayed at the entrance of the reception room, they will indicate to your guests their table for the festivities.

From £0,71at the Cotton bird

For every wedding reception, the placement of the guests is crucial. It guarantees a good atmosphere for all guests. A seating plan is essential for a successful organisation. Presented at the entrance to the room, it makes it possible to know with precision which guests should sit at which table. As part of the wedding table decoration, its style and font should be carefully chosen. The seating plan also expresses the theme of your wedding, so it should set the tone.

  • Table number: Combined with the matching table plans, this decorative accessory will guide your guests easily to their table.

The table number should be large enough to ensure that the placement of guests is quick and smooth. Cotton bird stationery templates can be used to make this happen. Gold or copper lettering will create a perfect effect. The guests will not be indifferent to this decorative element that enhances every table. Otherwise, you are welcome to choose other models that will do the trick.

  • Place card: Show everyone's place at your wedding dinner with this useful and decorative table accessory.

From £ 0.32 per place card at Cotton bird

To help ensure that guests are seated in the right place, the place card is placed next to the cutlery. The place cards can be used to identify each guest's seat and to help them enjoy the reception to the full. For successful wedding table decoration, they can be placed on pretty little gold easels. Next to the napkins, they create a beautiful harmony on each table. The place card can also be placed in front of the glass to invite a warm meal.

  • Menu: Matching your invitations, this is the essential table decoration for your wedding dinner.

Depending on the style you choose, you can place the menu on the tablecloths of each table. Romantic or country style, this menu shows your choices and matches perfectly with the plates and glasses so that your reception room is transformed.

To go even further, enhance your tables by harmonising your table elements, right down to the bottle labels, for decoration of the most beautiful effect.

For a party, the Bengal fire label is very appealing. It is a clever reminder of the event that brings the guests together. It includes the initials or first names of the bride and groom with the date of the day. This wedding table decoration is placed next to the napkins. At the chosen moment, each guest can use them and participate in the atmosphere of the event.

Match your glow sticks to the decoration for sublime shared moments of emotion.

#Cottonbird committed firm.

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