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Wedding: Why do you offer gifts to guests?

Giving a gift to your wedding guests is a tradition, of course, you have the choice to respect it or not. It is not an obligation, it is your wedding, so make it your own.

Don't feel that you have an obligation to do certain things because everyone else is doing them or because your loved ones are urging you to do them!

Giving a gift to your wedding guests is a sign of appreciation and gratitude. You appreciate the fact that they honour your invitation, that they are with you on this important day and that they have shared these wonderful moments with you on your wedding day.

You can accompany your lovely gift with a personal message, which will certainly be appreciated!

In the past, guests were expected to receive dragées (very common in France) at weddings and christenings.

In the age of personalised wedding atmospheres, there are more and more original ideas if you want to spoil your guests without necessarily giving them the classic wedding favours. These gifts have become more modern with time, so you could surprise your guests with bold and whimsical gifts, such as miniature scented soaps, candles, jars of honey, olive oil, jams, etc.

Some of my clients want to express their gratitude to their loved ones (parents, brothers, sisters and witnesses) so much that they decide to spoil them even more! As a wedding designer, I advise them on this. For example, we prepare small gifts or personalised gift boxes for them. This is their way of thanking them on this unique day.

When to give gifts to wedding guests?

It is traditional to hand out gifts to guests just before the cake is cut. This is the occasion for the bride and groom to get up from the table and go to their guests. They take the opportunity to exchange a few words with them and offer them a small gift before greeting the arrival with the wedding cake. However, there is nothing to stop you from changing the traditions! You are free to choose the moment that suits you.

Is it compulsory to give a gift to all your guests?

There is no legal or moral obligation. It is up to each individual to do as he (or she) feels. But we must admit, it is quite common to offer it. However, some are against it. Let's highlight the "pros" and "cons".


  • Because it's nice to say thank you to your guests.

  • A touch of decoration as well! if it matches the theme of your wedding decoration and is in coherence with your theme

  • You can mark your loved ones in a good way.

Some couples opt for a personalised gift, but one that comes from the heart, such as a letter, a photo, a small symbol or a message, and there I can assure you that your guests will not forget it!


  • This is an extra expense on the budget.

  • Most of your guests will forget about them right away.

  • You lack original ideas (for this detail, I am here to advise you)

In conclusion: Guest gifts are, in my opinion, a tradition that is interesting to find at weddings. My job as a wedding designer allows me to suggest to my clients to think about the originality and the comfort of their guests... Thus, we think about small details that leave a memorable souvenir: pampering bags, welcome bags, Engraved Wedding Favours, Wedding Guests Wooden Bottle Openers, and Maccaron wedding favours.

Tell me, are you part of the team of dragées or other trendy guest gifts? I'm curious to read your answers in the comments here.

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